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Protect the environment and save money
with Orakas food dehydrators.

With our warm air circulation dehydrators, you can dehydrate mushrooms, berries, fruit, vegetables, tea leaves, herbs, fish and meat naturally.

Preserve the colour, flavour and vitamins of your foodstuffs. By drying food, you can reduce food waste and help tackle climate change. Dried food also takes up less space. The volume of dehydrated food decreases by up to 80%, and it can be stored at room temperature in a dry place protected from light.

The high-quality Orakas dehydrators are assembled by hand in Finland and they have been tested for efficiency by the vocational training provider TTS since 1979.

The dehydrators are equipped with a stepless control mechanism and a thermostat. With Orakas, food is dehydrated at low temperatures, which prevents it from getting burnt.

Orakas dehydrators are designed to last. They are made of metal, and spare parts are easily available. The material can be recycled. The range includes options for industrial and home use alike.

Two-year warranty.