How to use an Orakas dehydrator

With Orakas dehydrators, you can dry food, such as fruit, berries, mushrooms, vegetables, herbs, meat and fish, efficiently and naturally.

Drying food helps save space. It decreases the products’ volume by up to 80% and its weight by up to 90%. For example, a litre of fresh funnel chanterelles only weighs 30 g when dried.

The shelf-life of dried products is up to several years. For best results, store dried food in a glass jar protected from light in a dry place with a constant temperature.

Drying time depends on the properties of the food, such as its thickness, relative humidity and where it was collected, and the temperature of the drying location.

Tea leaves and herbs 2–6 hours / Mushrooms and vegetables 3–8 hours / Berries 10–50 hours /
Fillet of fish, sliced 6–7 hours / Meat, sliced 6–7 hours

Fruit and large berries with a high water content, such as gooseberries, should be halved before drying.

Basic Orakas has space for about 4–5 kg of sliced mushrooms. About 20 litres of herbs and plants, such as nettles, or about 7 litres of berries, such as blueberries, can be dehydrated at one time.

Thanks to the thermostat-controlled temperature, the products are not exposed to overly high temperatures, which could cause them to dry out. Herbs should be dried at temperatures no higher than 35 °C and mushrooms at a maximum of 40 °C.

Read the operating instructions for the Orakas dehydrator and the tips for drying food provided with the device carefully.